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My name is Elena Kealy.  I am originally from Russia and now live in wonderful Southern California.


A famous Russian poet once expressed about my country:


You will not grasp her with your mind

Or cover her with a common label

For Russia is one of a kind

Believe in her if you are able

--- Fyodor Tyutchev


The culture of my motherland has had a very profound influence on my personality and my perceptions.   Here I am, I hold a degree in engineering, yet my true passion in life is art.  I live through emotion: The expression and the sharing of those feelings are the very fabric of my art. We all perceive the world through our senses; our vision, our hearing and our touch.  They all collide and manifest themselves upon my canvas.  Eroticism and sexuality, the power and magic of music and the sheer beauty of nature, are all a huge part of the human condition.  Join me as my art takes you on a journey of my changing moods, as I go through happiness, sadness, and amusement.  I love to laugh at life!

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